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InFamous: Second Son may be the most up-to-date PlayStation 4 consoles, due to the quality of the previous parts of the series, which has mobilized high popularity, the third part of the series is centered around new ideas, a new hero with new powers, but at the same time keeps all the inFamous The main advantages of the PlayStation, as one of the fans of the previous parts of the series found that the new segment was able to outperform the previous parts thanks to advanced technologies and style of play is incomparable.

When InFamous was released for the first time on PlayStation 3, it came up with a rare and unique idea. The first part is about an unknown electric bomb that Cole Macgrath carried in his backpack without his knowledge. The bomb blew up many neighborhoods of the city and gave Cole incredible power. You will use them for the benefit of the city and its people to become a hero with their own eyes, or you will use it for your own interests to become a nightmare for this city. The series was characterized by an enthusiastic and fast playing style, which became evident with the second part, which presented additional supernatural abilities such as snow and fire. We saw how Sucker Punch managed to upgrade the second part in a remarkable way. The third part benefited from the developer's experience with the series and the new generation capabilities Clear to give you the best game evolution of each axis of the second part axes amazingly.

The first thing to notice about the game is the wonderful details in the world and the basic characters, thanks in large part to the powers of the PlayStation 4, in addition to the skill studio Sucker Punch, benefited from the game from the date of release in the early games PlayStation 4, which contributes to give the player a positive impression before Other games from other developers, such as Naughty Dog and Quantic Dreams, Second Son outperform many games at the moment but it is not expected to last long, giving us an optimistic future for this generation with this excellent start.

The game works at 1080p and at 30 frames per second, it rarely makes it difficult for the number of frames per second. It is amazing when you see all these visual effects developed at once on the screen. The visual effects in the game are worth appreciating. The game puts in front of your eyes the effects of smoke, neon and many others. All of Delsin's details of the movement of his clothes and details of his face are fully understood. Attention to detail is clearly shown when new forces are acquired and power is seen to affect Delsin's movement in a different way.

In addition, Troy Baker plays the Delsin soundtrack, and Troy Baker has been able to emerge through the dynamic and automatic role of Delsin. You will not be able to tell that he is the same person who performed the Booker sound in Bioshock: Infinite or Joel in The Last Of Us , Or even Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, to talk about the sounds, the soundtrack here is very good and adds to the experience.

The Story : 

The game "Terrorist" tells you about the story of one of the converts, or after the end of the second part, where Delsin is able to absorb the capabilities of the other Conduits and seek to collect the greatest number of abilities to face an organization called D.U.P seeks to hunt down the Conduits and arrest them to protect humans from them. The dialogues in the game are fun, interesting and often fun, the characters you will recognize are loved and distinct. The game is focused on giving you deep details about the characters after you know them for the first time, and you can not recognize them more through side missions. On the fast and enthusiastic events that do not stop from the beginning of the game to an end.

The Second Son game has undergone a lot of radical changes. Although the style of playing in the previous parts was fun and fast but not as crazy as you would see in Second Son, there were those who thought that Prototype gives you a more crazy style of parts inFamous but with the Second Son you will get fantastic abilities that have no limits but imagination.

Sucker Punch has not explained all the capabilities you will get and will not spoil the surprise. It is great that every power in the game dramatically changes the way you play and changes the way you move across the city. It's good that Second Son does not allow you to change capabilities easily, The power of smoke You have to go to a burning car in order to absorb smoke, you can not use the neon before it is shipped from the neon plate, through this system will not suffer from the multitude of buttons that can confuse the player, in addition to this system forces you to diversify the way you play and explore Potentially around you to get the power sources shipped roll.

The enemies in the game are smarter and more challenging than before, you will not face ordinary soldiers but you will face soldiers with supernatural powers. This makes the game more challenging. Second Son's best practices give you most of your basic smoker's powers, known directly without having to wait for the middle of the game. Restoring the game is a good idea. You can develop your abilities by assembling the scattered pieces of shards throughout the city, the way the game develops in a branch and gives you great freedom of choice.

The system of evil and good is back in the game again, you can choose between several positions good or evil, this property implemented by the first inFamus successfully and served in the story of the game in a neat line, Second Son will not put you in difficult situations, most options here are clear and depends on your desire to direct the character Delsin To the good or the bad, we would like to put us inFamous: Second Son in puzzling situations that make you think in a similar way to the previous parts or even the way the Walking Dead, the lack of confusion in the Second Son options does not necessarily mean that it is a flaw in the game but obviously a decision taken by the developer to take The game is fun and less complex.

In addition to the 8 hours provided by the game in the basic tasks, the game gives you a large number of side missions that double the age of the game, the side missions entertaining but lacks the side stories enrich the world of the game, the city that revolves the events of the game is a replica of Seattle US , For someone who has not visited the original city before, you may find that the environment is similar in detail to the design of its buildings and streets. In addition, the residents of the city do not interact with you in a convincing way when you use one of your fearsome powers.

Finally : 

Open world games rely on freedom, strength and empowerment and Second Son has adapted from being fun in these areas. Seattle will be your playground, full of fun and powerful weapons. In terms of content, the game and story need a stronger push forward as they lack some elements to make them strong enough.

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