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And finally the new generation of devices begins with the first game we review at the site Trujyming and talk here about the game platforms and new action from Sony Japan Knack for the Playstation 4, we have finished the game for a while in its American version, but we waited for the date of our official release in the region to submit the review and with the official release of Playstation 4 in our Arab markets Know the progress of this game of the level and whether it is worth the acquisition or not.

The game "Knack" is a game of platforms and action aims to return to the beautiful time with the launch of the game "Crash Bandicut" previously on the first PlayStation, the game comes from Sony Studios for development in Japan and as the first address with the launch of Playstation 4, the players are hoping to get a good experience from the beginning or At least it is reasonable to show off the technically terrifying PlayStation 4 capabilities if the game does not give us a good experience as a "game". Unfortunately, the game "Nack" does not do anything good either on the technical or visual level or as a platform game.


Story : 

The story of the game about the creatures Goblins "Ghoul" attacking on the ground and the time to use the weapon "Nack" to repel their attack, Nack is a creature composed of many fragments and increase the strength the more the right and this character is one of the worst designs for the characters of the most lost games of life, The game as a whole and the way it is presented and the interaction of characters in it will make you wonder a lot about why the story is in this game and who really thought that this character will be loved by anyone!

The game does not end here. The game gives us the literal meaning of the phrase "as stated in the book". It does not offer anything special, it controls the personality of NAK and moves from room to room. And defeat a limited number of enemies who repeat design very annoying, even the fighting system is very limited between the button to avoid the button to hit and you will find yourself most of the time jump to avoid instead of using the button to avoid, the enemies are limited by their movements and strikes and the situation is worse the poor presence of a special blow to the character of Nak makes him destroy all There was something in front of him as if the development team of Liri D of us even try to find a way to enjoy.

What's more, mud is a game of graphics, when we talk about the devices of a new generation care about the capabilities of these devices and technical advances to dazzle the players, the game "Nack" is not a good game technically on Playstation 3 Vmbkm on Playstation 4! Yes, the high resolution is observed in the screen, but the game world is very free and without any effects worthy of praise! The designs of the enemies are limited with the presence of footage of Arad development team through which to provide some cinematic of the game, but failed very dramatically in that, the audios of the game also do not deserve praise, whether the music of the game or the performance of the voice of the representatives.

You can finish the game in 8 hours with nothing worth returning. Even the secrets of the stages will be hidden so that you can make sure that the development team has not made much effort to work on this game. Develop cooperative gameplay will not praise it but makes things at least better than playing individually , Unfortunately since the game experience E3 and to put a lot of question marks about this game and I expected that the final product will be better, but undoubtedly this game is not the best start for the new generation of devices.

Play system :

A feeble fee and a boring and personal "nack" system that will be spun very quickly
I do not know what Sony was thinking about developing this game, Knack is a game of action platforms with great boredom and does not appear anything of the capabilities of Playstation 4 at all levels, a game is not entertaining and never worth the acquisition.

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