Metal Gear Solid V

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Metal Gear Solid V

When we talk about the most successful series of games, Metal Gear Solid must be present. We are not talking here of success confined to a particular aspect, such as the playing method or the technical level, but much further to include the story level and the artistic output with high productivity, Men in industry .. Hideo Kojima and his genius that does not stop every generation. It is worth mentioning that the last address Phantom Bean is the end of a relationship

Kojima Konami and thus the end of the series as we have entrusted. Will this game be the end? This is what we will know in this review.

Story :

We will not discuss any internal details of the story, it is not our business is not it? But by the time, this game is going on in 1984 after Pace Walker and Ground Zero for almost nine years, at a time when the Big Boss has turned from a legendary hero to the character we have entrusted in the series. In order to enjoy the story, it is recommended that before you embark on this adventure, you should at least be familiar with the story of Part III and Peace Walker, in addition to the short Ground Zero that is available on this generation at a low price.

The way of presenting the story is still characterized by a political nature of nuclear weapons and others mixed with some historical events and science fiction in the form of a luxury film decorated with surprises and surprises and some of the mysteries that will only understand the tenth series from the beginning and the details of the story deep. If you are looking for special moments as you return series whether sad or funny or poetic, yes it is certainly there.

The control system this time reached the highest stages of smoothness and speed, all in the interest of the world of open game. Conventional materials are once again used to hide enemies as squatting, squatting, boxing, camouflage, jogging or climbing. In the case of direct confrontation of enemies and the detection of your place will begin so-called system Rifflks so that a slowdown that allows you the opportunity to pay accurately on the heads of enemies with the hypnotic gun or even kill them and dragged away so that others do not see them. In the case of direct contact with the enemy you can interrogate the enemy to obtain important information serving the mission, kill him, or make him lose consciousness in a combat manner.

Metal Gear Solid V
Metal Gear Solid V

With all these options, dealing with the environment in the third perspective becomes more enjoyable than ever before. There are dozens of possible scenarios for you to make. You only need to experiment and learn from your mistakes in the future. There is a clear balance in the game. Every option you make will definitely affect the final result (for example, air strikes). Whether you want to infiltrate completely or partially or to end some of the missions with a fierce fighting confrontation will not feel any shortage. You will face a variety of enemies such as Russian soldiers, US troops and predators, but please do not kill Africa's recruited children. What distinguishes artificial intelligence in the game AI is that it allows enemies to adapt to the way you play, which creates more vitality and little restriction in the world of the open game.

Remember before entering any battlefield to use the sophisticated telescope that allows you to zoom the image more and more to identify enemies from afar, this makes it easy to use later one of the most important additions to the game and the most fun is the system Fulton recovery, which comes back after success in Peace Walker, Using balloons, you can connect soldiers and send them to take advantage of them later (can be developed to carry heavier vehicles). How beautiful it is when you employ your equipment and elements of the environment for the Nile and the use of balloons to take everything possible in front of you, especially leaders of high ranks to harness their skills in your favor.

Buddy system Another wonderful addition to the game allows you to request live help while roaming and doing tasks. The more you use one of these tools the more valuable and gained more skills that will benefit you during the game. The D-Horse is a basic means of navigation. Dog D-Dog acts as an exploration device that locates grasses and enemies and senses the danger surrounding you. You can also send it to distract the enemies and distractions. Comrade III is the coolest in my eyes are the snipers Quiet, which can shoot the enemies and kill them from afar or sleep. Let us leave you to discover the last comrade.

Play style :

A stunning style of play that beats all the parts of the past, great freedom to make decisions and making a short film fun as you go to perform important, long hours of playing and developing your own paradise.
Sometimes the movements of the helicopter may be disturbing, the distribution of the story and its focus, the lack of certain environments, the return of some tasks in full when a minor error occurs without early game retention.
We have almost reached the ideal equation of the Game Gear Gear, the Phantom-Bin mix will make this title one of the strongest candidates to win the game of 2015. There is a dynamic world open waiting for you and is full of excitement that can not be presented in any other game mastered the elements of infiltration and correction and cinematic living during Play as you do this game.

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